Linda Eckhardt

Linda West Eckhardt is an American culinary writer, author of 36 books, including The Only Texas Cookbook, American Gumbo, Bread In Half The Time, and Entertaining 101 . Her books have won James Beard and Julia Child awards. She is a regular on Jennifer English’s National Radio Show known as Spectacular Tucson specializing in New York and New Influences in the food and wine world. Her merry laugh and,mordant wit have made her a living legend, having eaten her way around the world, travelling and tasting everything she could find since 1982. Her popular Website, called Everybody Eats News has been in continuous publication for 5 years and will reach 1000 items in January 2019.

What No One Tells You About Going Under

After anesthesia and open heart surgery, it's common to experience memory loss. But that doesn't make it any easier to deal with.

Getting My Life Back After Open Heart Surgery

James Beard- and Julia Child-award-winning author Linda West Eckhardt lives for food, family, and dogs. But what happens after the cookbook writer gets her chest carved open?