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Heart Disease

The Truth About NFL Star Cameron Smith’s Recovery

The Minnesota Vikings linebacker has had a seemingly easy recovery from open heart surgery. But after four similar surgeries myself, I think he's the exception, not the rule.

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My Bike Saved More Than My Heart

Taking up biking allowed me to work on my heart and my mental health at the same time.

Having A Heart Attack During COVID-19

I was so scared of risking my life going to the hospital in a pandemic, I could have died from staying away.

I Think I Know One Thing Naya Rivera Went Through

I'm a mom with a congenital heart disease, afraid to leave my daughters adrift in the world without me. That's why I'm so affected by the 'Glee' star's tragic death.

“I Don’t Want To Die In Here”: An Inmate’s Wife Talks COVID-19

In New York State, where thousands of inmate like Taverial Norman are chronically ill, immediate reform is needed to prevent coronavirus from spreading like wildfire.

What My Mom (And HIV) Taught Me About Caregiving

When my mother's health declined, I used the skills I had learned from my own chronic illness and the empathy I learned from her to be there for her.

The Human Cost Of Fat Bias In Healthcare

Doctors are often quick to dismiss overweight patients to just lose some weight to feel better. But such carelessness can be deadly.

Thank You. Goodbye. I Love You.

What living through the same condition that killed my friend taught me about making every second of my life count.

What Being Alone In A Boat Taught Me About My Chronic Conditions

I studied to be a scientific scuba diver, but after being diagnosed with heart arrhythmia, I no longer knew where I belonged.

What No One Tells You About Going Under

After anesthesia and open heart surgery, it's common to experience memory loss. But that doesn't make it any easier to deal with.