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The Doctor Who Became Dependent On Opioids

After he nearly ripped off his foot in an accident, doctors were quick to prescribe Travis Rieder opioids... but left him to sink on his own into addiction when he no longer needed them.

Worried Waiting: What Cancer Taught Me About COVID

Living in the limbo of cancer feels a lot like what we're all going through in this pandemic. But take it from me, it can be a time of growth.

Ask Ada: Argh! How Do I Get My Kids To Wear Their Masks?

Plus: what can I do if I think one of my family members if getting sick during lockdown?

Titan: The Seven-Fingered Powerlifter With T1D

Powerlifter and entrepreneur Chris Ruden, who was born with a limb difference and has type 1 diabetes, wants everyone to know that limitations are self-imposed.

When A Stroke Robbed Me Of What I Loved Most

After a stroke, I discovered I couldn't write anymore. Here's how I got my writer's voice back.

A Conversation With A Volunteer Vaccine Advocate

Felisa Hilbert, RN, witnessed babies dying because their mothers couldn’t get them immunized. Through a United Nations’ program called Shot@Life, she’s now saving their lives.