Chronic Illness

Community Roundup: Imagining A World Where Disability Is Normal

From workplaces offering 'good health' days instead of sick days, to universal, affordable health care, a world in which it is 'normal' to be disabled or chronically ill doesn't sound dystopian at all. In fact, it sounds like heaven.

What does it mean to be normal? There’s lots of ways to answer that question, but if we’re being honest, most people would probably not consider chronic illness and disability as part of the recipe. But that’s wrong. In our lifetimes, every person will get sick, manage a health condition, or become disabled, so it’s *just* as normal–if not more so–to be dealing with these issues as it is to be walking around in so-called “good health,” with no health conditions whatsoever.

That got us thinking. If the average person’s definition of normal is so far off-base, what would the world look like if people with disablities got to define the idea of a ‘normal’ life?

So through our Twitter account, we asked our community, and the answers we got back were amazing. Here’s some of the best we received:

What do you think? What would the world look like if people with chronic illness or disabilities got to define the definition of ‘normal’? Follow us on Twitter @folkstories and let us know!