Chronic Illness

Community Roundup: New Accomplishments, Post-Diagnosis

Getting married. Writing a book. Visiting Norway. These are just some of the things our readers have done after being diagnosed.

When you’re first diagnosed with a health condition, it can sometimes feel like the end of things. But even in the face of challenges, the nature of being human is to continue, and to persevere.

That’s why, for this week’s Community Round-Up, we asked Folks‘s Twitter followers: What’s something you never thought you could accommplish when you were diagnosied, that you now do?

The answers we received ran the gamut, from people telling us about how diagnosis spurred them to get married, travel new places, and finally sit down and write that book they were thinking about. But other responses we got were deeply honest and human, explaining that, for them, diagnosis didn’t have many bright sides, and we thought it was important to include those too.

For next week’s roundup, we’re asking our followers“Some people identify as disabled. Others don’t. How do you identify and why?” We’d love to hear your thoughts, so follow Folks on Twitter (@folksstories) and let us know! We’ll post our best answers next week.

Creative Commons photo by Kristoffer Trolle. Additional reporting by Josh Andrew.