Chronic Illness

Community Roundup: What Does It Mean To Be Vulnerable?

Allowing yourself permission to be vulnerable is important when facing chronic illness or disability. Here's some advice on how to do so.

Learning to be vulnerable is an important part of being human. It’s what you have to do to fall in love, to have a child, to grieve, and to accept yourself… especially in the face of chronic illness or disability.

That’s why, this week, we asked our community: what does it mean to be “vulnerable?” From learning to ask for help, to resisting the urge to feign stoicism, here’s some of the best insights on the true definition of vulnerability that we heard from our community.

Also, a reminder: for next week’s roundup, we’re asking our community about the fictional character from fiction (TV, film, literature, video games, or other) that has inspired them most in the face of disability or illness. So follow Folks on Twitter and tell us what you think!

Creative Commons image by Sandor Weisz