Chronic Illness

Community Roundup: What’s The Best Advice You’ve Ever Received About Being Chronically Ill?

Tell your story. Advocate for yourself as a patient. Replace your old dreams or new ones. Here's some great advice on being disabled or chronically ill from our Twitter community.

Life is full of unwanted advice, from odious mansplainers to outmoded counsel from gently clueless elders. Unfortunately, when you’re chronically ill or disabled, this dial can often feel turned up to 11, as friends and acquaintances bombard you with advice that–while well-meaning–can often feel fairly clueless.

But that’s not always the case. Sometimes, someone actually gives really great advice, and it makes a profound impact on our lives. So for this week’s Community Round-Up, Folks‘s Twitter followers what piece of advice they had received on being disabled or chronically ill that was actually transformative to the way they handled their condition? What follows is some of our community’s best advice.

Also, this week we’re asking our followers: “What’s the most insightful question you’ve been asked about your disability or chronic illness?” We’d love to hear your thoughts, so follow Folks on Twitter (@folksstories) and let us know! We’ll post our best answers next week.

Additional Reporting by Josh Andrew.